Dance, Love, Wings, & Always Dream

S&H's humble beginnings. Our life, fun, and little lessons here and there. We love to travel. I am a hopeless romantic, I think in Disney and beleive in God and miracles. I dance, and my husband is a part of the US Air Force. We are passionate dreamers and lovers of life. My posts pertain to our personal insight, all genres of dance, fitness, military life, and fufiling our dream of visiting every corner of this beautiful world.

We are studying site specific pieces in my Dance Composition Class.  I am reminiscing back to the time when I did Michael Jackson’s Thriller on Halloween 2009 & 2008 as it was site specific.  My husband and I just finished the second season of The Walking Dead (guilty, nerdy pleasure) and I couldn’t help but come back to this dance. I posted video October 5th of when this was covered by the news and shows some video of us doing the piece. I did my own makeup for both times I danced.  The following year 2010 I was not in the dance but did several of the dancer’s makeup for it as well as part of a stage makeup class.  This was such a fun project to be a part of.  I hope to post video of 2009’s performance and some pictures as well.  I am the dead restaurant server with the black pants and top.  The top photo’s credit goes to the Magic Valley Time’s News. 

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