It’s sort of amazing that I’m graduating in less than two weeks.  It’s sort of amazing that I decided to drive from Omaha to Lincoln every day for two years for the love of dance. It’s sort of amazing that in the middle of the night a little over two years ago, I was sobbing to my husband about my intention to audition for the program, how it sounded insane that if I was accepted into the program, I would have to drive back and forth everyday.  It’s sort of insane that I almost didn’t audition because it simply sounded crazy and a little impossible, it’s not like we are rich and can just shell out 60 dollars a week for gas.  Somehow God came through for us, he made miracles happen and this all has worked out.  It’s sort of insane that through some divine miracle I was granted in state tuition when in reality I should have paid out of state.  It’s kind of amazing I made lifelong friends and had unforgettable experiences.  Through the UNL dance program I was able to renew my love of dance, and see it as a higher art form, and not as another sporty spice competition.  I was able to love my body, as is, and not feel like if I lost just another 20 pounds I would be able to make it as a dancer in the world.  Modern dance takes you as you are.  I feel so in tune and at peace with everything, I know it is because of this program.   The past two years have been attributed to a series of miracles, the job that fell into my lap, the amazing boss who put up with me putting up with amazing opportunities to dance late at night instead of teaching like I said I would.   God is here in my life.  He loves me.  He is aware of my loves, passions, strengths, weaknesses, and when I needed help.  These past two years, this talent, this opportunity, my health, my happiness, is all attributed to his help and love for me.  If I never dance again, this is why I had to do this, this is why I felt so strongly about auditioning after Sean gave me a priesthood blessing that reassured me that I was making the correct decision by going to UNL.  I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have had, for those who have inspired and supported me.  I would do it all over again if I had to.