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Axis Dance Company, a dance company that utilizes dancers with disabilities and without.  I love the still moments where the dancers just pause.  

Public Law 94-142 (Education of All Handicapped ChildrenAct)

PL 94-142
Something to consider when opening up your own dance studio.  Why wouldn’t people with disabilities want to dance? It has changed my life to have dancers with disabilities in my dance classes  Instead of having separate classes for students with disabilities integrate them into your dance classes. 

Dancers, drones share stage in UNL performance : Ground Zero

This has been such a fun project to be a part of, click the link above to be taken to the article!

Sneak peak to the Streb pre show. Come tomorrow if you can!

Surprises Streb- One Extraordinary Day-  This week the students at UNL have had the opportunity to work with the company members.  Today Elizabeth Streb came and visited the members of my Modern 4 class and watched some of the pieces that we have created as an homage to her.  It was really excited to be able to perform for the company and Elizabeth Streb.  She mostly had positive things to say about a piece where myself and another classmate used two lounge chairs, I can’t remember exactly how she said this, but she in one word or another said that aspects of the piece reminded her of Trisha Brown’s concepts.  It was a really good day and sometimes you just need to hear good things about your work. 

Bill T Jones D. Man in the waters.  I’m really excited I found a higher quality version of this choreography!  I really love what this dance stands for, “swimming” through trial and tribulation, needing support from those around you to hold you up when sometimes you can’t keep standing. 

Gratitude and Resentment

Is it terrible to say that sometimes I love and adore my art and sometimes I resent it.  I have to come back to gratitude and remind myself not everyone has these opportunities, there were times in my life when I didn’t have these opportunities.  This keeps me going.  My intention with going to UNL to pursue dance was to have dance be a detail in my life, not my life.  It feels like UNL dance is my life and it is making it hard to love dance the way I use to.    I come here, back to this blog, to remind myself that I am passionate about this, that I love what I do, that when I was doe eyed and overly excited that was an awesome thing and not pathetic.  Dance enriches my life and I truly believed it was designed to make me happy, now I just need to let it. 

So grateful for the opportunities the UNL dance program has provided for me.  We got to go see West Side Story last night, it was so good!

So grateful for the opportunities the UNL dance program has provided for me. We got to go see West Side Story last night, it was so good!